Maximize your real estate rental properties.

Just a few Reasons Why Property Owners Hire Corona del Mar Properties for all Their Management needs.

  • 24/7 Communication with both Owners & Tenants
  • We maximize your return on every property.
  • White glove customer service.
  • Our Customer Screening Consist of Doing a Credit Check
    all Three Burros, Check their Police Record, See if they are a Sex Offender, any Unlawful Detainers ever Filed, ever been Sued or Sued Anyone, and if possible we talk to their prior Neighbors for Character References.
  • Monthly update on each and every property with any and all Activities.
  • We charge a 5% Late Fee if the rent is not in our position by the 5*“ at 5:00 P.M. All Late Fee’s go to the Owner.
  • Same day emergency and repair service for tenants.
  • Semi annual inspections where we spray for Mold, flush all drains, check for leaks under all sinks and drains, change batteries in smoke and radon detectors, clear outside gutters to eliminate blockage, adjust sprinklers away from house to eliminate chances of Mold, take pictures of property for verification of property, to keep on file and to send you, fix and or adjust minor things through-out the property, all part of our service.
  • Our tenants have on line access or can call anytime, as long as it’s an emergency for service.
  • Our Tenants have an on-line Maintenance request form to notify both us and our Handyman Immediately and
    also to document all activities.
  • In the Event of an Earthquake, we Install Emergency Shut off Wrenches on the Gas Meters.
  • Many of our contractors have worked with us for over 20 years, providing great service at a-very reasonable price.
  • Here is what do our customers have to say! Click here.
  • Additional services we can offer is complete exterior video surveillance, pest control, and continuous market
    update of all local Real Estate activity.
  • In the event of an emergency we notify local authorities and the adjacent neighbors for all properties we manage.
  • We have Proven Results, and Guarantee you will love our Service, Save you Money, Maximize your return or you
    can cancel our contract at anytime with a 30 day notice.