Orange County Real Estate Buyer Tips

In today’s extremely competitive market, Communication is the most important Element of Securing an amazing

By positioning you correctly, we will save you time, money and reducing the chances of missing out on a property, or paying to much due to lack of preparation. Listed below is a Guide Line of Activities we must Accomplish together in order to make you the Strongest Buyer Possible.

  1. If you are all cash, then we need to obtain a Bank Statement with the necessary funds to close.
  2. If financing is involved, then you need to submit your loan application to a lender of your choice, or we can recommend one for you.
  3. If a substantial amount of the down payment is borrowed or gifted to you, then you need to put into your account immediately to season the money.
  4. The lender will require the last two Months Bank Statements, last two Years tax returns or 1099’s, last two Months paycheck stubs.

The reason you want your loan pre-approved. ls simply because in today’s market, Homes priced well, located in desired areas and priced extremely competitive have multiple offers on them. When a seller is faced with several options, they will go with the strongest.

Once we obtain your pre-loan approval, verified funds, and you have described the perfect property to us. We’re willing to devote and use all of our skills necessary to Guarantee 100% Proven Results to you. Atthe end of the day, we want to save you because we want you to be our clients for life, and value all your referrals. Thank you

Listed below is how we obtain great deals for Buyers who commit to working with US.

  1. Just like anyone we consciously search the MLS for any and all new properties every day.
  2. We set both you and us up on an instant notification, informing both of us when a property with your specifications comes up for sale. We are notified through e-mail immediately, therefore giving you the advantage.
  3. Once the area or neighborhood of your choice is established. We will contact every home owner, by snail mail, canvas the entire area by knocking on their door, we will search our records for everyone in Foreclosure, behind on their payments by 30, 60, or 90 days, we know if there is a Divorce and will contact their Attorney, we know if there is a Probate and will contact the Heirs, we know if someone has filed a Bankruptcy and will contact the Trustee.
  4. We send out approximately 60,000 pieces of information and marketing pieces every year searching for leads, and properties coming up for sale.
  5. Best of all, we are in communication with you on a daily basses. Working together you will save money, and love our proven results.